Can I print my cards in full colour?

Yes you can! However we do recommend to try to avoid big
block colours

Will my cards last?

We have tested our cards in the real world and they do

Are these cards waterproof

Our cards are water resistant due to our bio coating
which is applied

What printers can I use

We suggest using a Magicard printer, as they have
dedicated settings to support our cards

Can I have technology on my card.

Yes you can, we can provide many chips, just let us know
what you need

Enviricard offers a range of cutting-edge embedded technologies such as RFID and NFC to enhance the functionality of our cards. We also offer high and low contact magnetic stripe options. 

Our RFID and NFC chip-sets are supplied by NXP Semiconductors. We offer a range of NXP MIFARE, Ultralight, DESFire, ICODE and NTAG options. All technology options are available across our range, providing innovative solutions for any industry. 

We will ensure you have the right technology for your business.