enviricards are a carbon measured product

enviricards certified with an 88% reduction in carbon footprint

One of the significant challenges consumers and businesses face when making buying decisions is how truthful the green claims of their suppliers are. Or, if not truthful, how transparent are these green claims?

There are so many claims about environmental friendliness used in marketing terminology that the term greenwashing had to be coined.

That’s why we were determined to add some substance and scientific evidence to the green credentials of enviricard. We knew it was more environmentally friendly than many alternatives, but we wanted that measured and checked by an independent and credible source.

Who are CarbonQuota?

CarbonQuota is an independent body that will measure the emissions in your supply chain to help you understand an accurate idea of your carbon footprint and how you can improve your environmental impact. It was launched initially to help the packaging and print sector improve their production practices and make them more sustainable. The team at CarbonQuota found that too many carbon calculators were based on averages or generalist data. Or the data was out of date, based on false assumptions and, at worst, hid real emissions and didn’t give an accurate representation of the environmental impact of products.

Working with CarbonQuota gives an official independent review in terms of determining a certified carbon score and carbon footprint for our enviricard products. We can confidently say that our products are carbon-measured with scientifically backed, data-driven claims.

What did the CarbonQuota and enviricard study cover?

A reminder for anyone new to enviricard, these are paperboard cards and essentially a pulp-based alternative to PVC or plastic cards. These cards can be used as gift, loyalty, membership, event and ID cards, and more.

The study considered enviricards packed for trade audiences based on 500 cards per outer.

Our production process from seed to gate (card distributor) and even end-of-life is covered. We can trace the paperboard used in our enviricards back to the forest, and even the area where the tree was planted that went into it. What happens after delivery to the card distributor and any downstream transport was not included in this study, e.g. once the enviricard becomes a gift card, ID, event or membership card and is in use. These factors are somewhat unknown since the uses of enviricard are so versatile.

The CarbonQuota Study Results

There is always more progress to be made in terms of improving sustainable production processes, but we are delighted with the initial CarbonQuota study results.

The headline findings show the following:

  • The report states, ‘The greatest success of the enviricard product is the 88 % reduction in the carbon footprint related to the choice of substrate, since it is no longer a plastic product.’
  • enviricard's complete life cycle has a lower carbon footprint than a PVC alternative, including the substrate, production and disposal of the cards.
  • The substrate alone represents an 88% lower carbon footprint than its plastic alternative.
  • enviricards are made up of paperboard and a bio-based coating on both sides or one side – both are known to be biodegradable under industrial composting conditions (EN13432), so the cards are certified compostable and biodegradable
  • The carbon footprint associated with the disposal of enviricard is higher compared to PVC cards, but plastic takes hundreds of years to break down and has many known issues related to pollution of our natural environment. Overall, enviricard is a better choice.
  • Paperboard-based cards like enviricards can be recycled with other bulk-managed waste paper and board products.

enviricard certified carbon measured product

A sustainable future

Any company that is genuinely committed to a sustainable future knows that progress and continued improvements are necessary.

 We are delighted that the CarbonQuota report identified that ‘enviricard’s innovative design is undoubtedly a valuable contribution to combatting plastic pollution’. They also shared that enviricard is at the cutting edge of sustainable card development; the bio-based product has already demonstrated substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions associated with its production. In addition, its disposal has a lower environmental impact with reduced toxicity in comparison to PVC-based alternatives available.

Our products set the benchmark in a currently unregulated/ non-regulated space and can carry the carbon-measured badge. We want to encourage you to check that the green products you purchase are genuinely sustainable.

Choosing a paperboard-based enviricard will help reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for us all.


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